The Life and Times of the most Boring KillJoy Ever


Crescent Moon Necklace

This crescent moon pendant is designed with an ornate, filigree pattern. The moon pendant is accompanied by a blue, space-like charm hanging from the upper tip. Hung on a 26” chain. Sold on Etsy.


Sushi of a grain of rice

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Ciel “Smile” Phantomhive.

Well, it’s pretty good.

"I’ve been in service as a pageboy. My name is, er…F-Finnian."
Hyrule Warriors Link + Master Sword


no one understands the true genius


This is the most beautiful day by Marlon Webb


If you wanna date a boy then date a boy who is short, blond and handsome. Date a boy whose actions speak louder than words. Date a boy who’s brave. Date a boy who likes sleeping. Date a boy who would save a kingdom for you. Date a boy who loves horseback riding, and is very skilled with a sword. A boy whose spirit is the same as the legendary Hero’s. 

Link. Date Link.